I've just started watching Once Upon A Time ( I'm mid way through season 3) and I can't wait to be caught up to season 4 so I can look at your posts for it and reblog it all :D

You’re so close to being caught up!! Are you watching it on Netflix?

I never know what to gif so always just gif makeouts 100 different ways.

Taylor Swift  Holy Ground


oo9. holy ground | taylor swift

i was reminiscing just the other day
while having coffee all alone and lord, it took me away…


physically i would describe myself as a noncommittal wiggly hand gesture with a vague “enhhh” noise

So many people on Pawn Stars have no idea how a Pawn Shop works.

"That would have been less than I paid for it." No shit, because they need to make money off it. They’re buying it to SELL IT.